Urban Arrow Shorty(NLD)

The Shorty is a tough commute bike. With the electric assist and comfortable continuously variable transmission it moves your stuff from A to B in no time. In a green way, that is. Because unlike a scooter, the Shorty emits no CO2 or other polluting particles and is noiseless.

And, before we forget it, its Dutch design gives it a pretty cool look!

Apart from the usual benefits of the electric bicycle the Shorty also has a variety of business advantages, such as a low inventory write-down, economical price per kilometer and attractive lease rates. Compared to a normal bicycle it also has a significantly larger geographical range.

Another advantage is that despite its speed you don’t need a scooter driver’s license. There’s even more; the Shorty has a striking urban appearance, which makes it an ideal advertising medium. You can easily decorate the boxes with your ads or visual identity.

Prices from £3319

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