Gazelle Puur + (NLD)

If you want a traditional dutch bike but want a lot more practicality, this is the pone for has all you need to sit upright and comfy, to carry things, to take a child (or two) and still have that classic dutch look abeit with a modern twist. This has comfortable balloon tyres for a smooth ride, sit up handlebars for that easy, no wrist pain and look over hedge riding position. Its is a old school town bike for modern people. 

Frame aluminium

  • Frame size Gentlemen 49, 54, 59
  • Frame size Ladies 49, 54, 59
  • Weight (kg/Lbs) 21.4
  • Colour Gentlemen black glossy
    eclipse black mat
  • Colour Ladies black glossy
    eclipse black mat
    purple mat
  • Front fork Cr-Mo unsprung, lightweight
  • Saddle Selle Royal Gipsy
  • Chain case type Linea
  • Rims Rodi Vision, 28"
  • Slot Trelock RS430
  • Lighting
  • Front light Spanninga Swingo
  • Rear light Spanninga O-GUARD
  • Power source battery