Achterzitje Dubbelzitter (Rear Double Seat)

Achterzitje Dubbelzitter (Rear Double Seat)

What the Dutch say..
"Easy to bring two children on the bike is a solution with the double seat.This seat is placed on the back of the bike (instead of the luggage carrier) .This creates two seats on the back.Through the soft seat and back supports sit the children comfortably on the back The assembly is universal, this means that it fits almost every bike.Please note that it only fits on bikes where the luggage carrier can be easily removed. "
Universal mounting, The seat is supplied with mounting material, footrests, a soft seat and back supports.

What i say...

it's crude, it works on good dutch style bikes, original classic dutch bikes ideally. importantly It works, managed to fit two oldish kids onto one rear rack...We like will need a centre stand too i expect.....and a technique, but its a great, cheapish way to get two kids aboard.    

official talk 

Age category From 5 years 
Material Steel
comes with fitting hardware 
Mounting on bike Luggage carrier
Position on bike Rear
Size 26 "/ 28" Base color Gray
Make BrandlessShop 
packaging No
Child seat load capacity in kg 60


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