Yepp Junior Budget Child Seat

Yepp Junior Budget Child Seat

65.99 69.95

These are really good...easy to fit, comfortable and dont get soodden. best used with the Yepp or Steco child seat racks..

  • From 5 years of age
  • 20 up to 35 kg
  • Comes standard with a waist belt
  • Includes 2 sturdy folding footrests
  • Suitable for most carriers and e-bike carriers
  • Integrated Mounting Tool
  • Reflector on the back for extra safety
  • Available in Black or Silver

With a very simple and quick mounting system, the Yepp Junior Budget can be very easily mounted on most carriers and e-bike carriers. As an identical top quality product like the Yepp Junior Easyfit this low budget version is very complete. The seat comes fitted with a waist belt, reflector and foldable footrests which feature innovative safety straps to prevent the childs feet hitting the turning spokes. The assembly tool is nicely integrated in a surprising convenient way so you can always assemble and disassemble the seat 'on the spot' without having to search for tools. The Yepp Junior Budget is available in black or silver. The comfortable and rugged design is water resistant, very easy to maintain and the seating part is made from the same shock-absorbing material as other Yepp child seats.

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