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I have two of these natty baskets..please buy them..i need the space..they are jolly good, will fit a bobbin or dutch bike(obvs)

the two i have here are black with orange trim..

MyBasket is easy to install on your bicycle 

You don’t need a front support bracket to use MyBasket. The only thing you need to do is click the carrying handles and bracket into the basket, just once. And then you can hang MyBasket on your bicycle handlebars. It couldn’t be easier! It really is this easy, but we’ve explained the process clearly in a set of instructions, just to be sure. If you’re curious, feel free to take a look at the instructions online now.


MyBasket fits on every bicycle

We had to rack our brains for this concept but now you can reap the rewards: our patented mounting system has a universal connection that’s compatible with nearly all bike models. But that’s not the only feature to write home about. MyBasket’s clever built-in recess means that there’s no need to remove or relocate your bike lamp. And that saves a whole lot of fiddling about.


MyBasket is easy to use

MyBasket is the largest removable basket of its kind and can carry a maximum of 9 kilos. MyBasket can hold roughly the same amount as a supermarket basket. And that’s handy, to say the least. Because it means you can bike to the supermarket, fill the basket with groceries and then click the basket easily back onto your bike. So that’s also an end to paying around 20 cents an environmentally unfriendly plastic bag. And if you’re not a supermarket lover, MyBasket is the perfect aid for an evening picnic in the park. That’s how we roll.


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