B&M Toplight View Brake Plus

B&M Toplight View Brake Plus

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Two bright LEDs provide a double light source in two distinct bands in this patented light system. The light is distributed via the clear prism providing a radiant light visible well into the distance. Braketec causes the two light strips to pulsate brightly as the bike slows. Featuring a large integrated reflector and a capacitor driven standlight. Rack mounted with either 80 or 50mm pitch weighing approximately 50g. German traffic regulation approved.

At the core of the new BrakeTec technology a processor is integrated into the light. This evaluates the power signature from the hub dynamo. When the bikes speed drops suddenly, the rear light pulses significantly brighter giving an effect much like a brake light to following traffic.

Key FeaturesLinetec technology
Braketec technology
Dynamo powered
50 or 80mm rack mounting.

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