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First UK Family and Cargobike Shindig

A gathering of cargobike and family bike owners with some events to keep the day interesting. There are other events happening too as part of the festival and you can ride around the track as much as you like.

This event is part of the Castle Coombe Cycle festival and details of tickets are available here

Come and meet like minded people, chat and ride your bikes.

There will be timed laps of the 1.85 mile course to find the fastest longtail, box bike and trike, there will be a standard 8freight cargobike to ride "al la a star in a reasonably priced car" to see if you are the fastest around the track.

There will also be slow races for familys and their bikes.

For more information and chat see the Facebook page.

This event is Sponsored by Really Useful Bikes, Rodford Built with 8freight bike kindly loaned by 8Freight

Results of the BYO cargobike time trial.

Jo Sutherland Black10 (+1) 5.48
Graham Spiller Bullitt (+1) 5.50
Nigel Shoosmith xtracycle 6.44
Katie Shoosmith Elephant bike 6.45
Jonathon Fulford Esimex long john 6.50
Richard James 2w 6.52
Nick Danger! Custom 3 wheeler (+2) 6.55
Toby Jenkins Gazelle Cabby 7.08
Will Bell Monark Postal (+1) 7.11
Stephen Tuck Gazelle Cabby (+1) 7.30
Adam Faraday Bullitt (+1) 7.45

+1 /2 denotes number of children carried..

other category winners

Most impressive start ....Dennis on the Iceni trike (smoking)
Best aero tuck joint winners...Jo Sutherland/KatieShoosmith
most prepared for Picnic (inc chairs) ...The Tucks
Hilliest journey to get there via bike...The Jenkins
Most cargo bikes brought.... Jo Sutherland (Heineken bike, 2x Mike Burrows freights) followed by Jonathon Fulford (SCO and Esimex long john.) 
Most colour coordinated Richard James (red) Will Bell (yellow)
Best use of Corduroy Jonathon Fulford
Coolest looking rider ..Digby Fulford (the shades tipped it)
Biggest family arriving by bike The Jenkins with 4 persons (ECabby & Scott Ebike and follow me tandem) (via V hilly route from Bath)
Fastest Longtail ...Nigel Shoosmith ....Xtracycle (is 8freight a longtail?..discuss)
best finish joint winners Graham Spiller (celebratory air punch) Jonathon Fulford (verbally hillarious) 
Fastest runner with bike. Richard James (impressive stuff)
lowest bike with the most spokes...Nick Danger with a custom cruiser who is also worth a mention for some cracking sideways wheelies (is there a name for that) see Jonathons video for evidence of that)

Top work people...your journeys, your time, your enthusiasm and your effort helped make a germ of an idea become something that was lovely to be part of...

Just writing the names of the bikes that were present has given me joy, to have such a diverse selection of bikes from USA, Denmark, Netherlands, UK together with their owners and their stories made for a unique afternoon.

thanks for making it year then...i'll let you know the date....(PS..this is not the end, it's the start)




Later Event: April 7
The UK Handbuilt Bicycle show.