Follow Me Tandem

Follow Me Tandem

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I don’t tend to keep these in stock because the margin is small and purchasers sporadic , but they are jolly good things and i can get them in for the next day. If you buy from me i do offer a £21 +vat fitting service to bikes brought into the store… which i think is jolly useful service.

Cycle individually, or be towed is the FollowMe motto.

FollowMe is a clever parental tandem hitch that makes family cycling a safe and fun experience in an instant. 

Thanks to FollowMe your whole family is on the move together having fun and always safe. 
Attach your childs bike to your bike for traffic situations or if they have become tired: The clever tandem hitch from Switzerland lets you react quickly to changing situations without the need for tools! 
Then as soon as you feel the time is right, the youngster rides solo again. 


Cycling together, with FollowMe, you can transport a second childs seat or your shopping on a carrier. 

Quickly coupled, you can couple your childs cycle in no time and without tools or additional parts in a few short moves. 

Safe and stable, the two-point support at hub level ensures safety, ride comfort, and stability because there is no leverage as with conventional supports attached to the saddle tube. 

Space saving, followMe can be quickly and compactly stowed away in a car, in a cycle room, or on a train. 

FollowMe grows, your child and its cycle will get bigger -this is no problem for FollowMe. 

For Isla bike (hollow axle):
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