Steco Universal Child Seat Rack Adapter

Steco Universal Child Seat Rack Adapter

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Makes it possible to mount the most commonly available child seats onto a rear rack


What happens when the child seat you purchased doesn't fit your bicycle’s rear rack? The Steco Universal Adapter is the perfect solution!

Mounting the Universal Adapter to the rear rack provides a new base for mounting almost every brand of child seat (GMG Classic, GMG Yepp, Bobike, Polisport, etc.). This product can be used not only for child seats but also for the Steco Baby Seat Carrier and the Buggy Carrier Deluxe.

Included with each Universal Adapter is a safety strap that should be fastened to the seatpost. this item clamps to your racks longways tubing. max width ...min width..... 

Colours: aluminium or Black

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