AXA Omega Battery Auto 50-80mm fixings

AXA Omega Battery Auto 50-80mm fixings


The AXA Omega has proven its quality by its many years of experience. The Omega offers a 5 LED light source. 

The Omega is one of the most user friendly items in the AXA rear light range. The rear light is operated by an on/auto/off switch. This means that the rear light is turned on or off automatically when it gets light or dark and the bike is moving. 

Also a steady light function is included, your light will stay on for another 4 minutes while standing still. 

A build in battery low indicator clearly shows you when it is time to switch batteries. 

The Omega can be mounted at 50 or 80 mm distance. 

LIGHT: 800 meters ‘to be seen’



  • 5 LED with life span of more than 50,000 hours
  • LED’s, which also give you light on the side of the rearlight so you will be seen by crossing traffic


  • Available with on/auto/off switch. This version has a light/dark sensor which switches your light on and off automatically
  • Warning ‘battery low’ indicator
  • Mounting distance 50 or 80 mm


  • Battery operated
  • Battery life time: 40 hours
  • Including 2 AA batteries


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