Busch&Muller Secula E Mudguard Mounted

Busch&Muller Secula E Mudguard Mounted


Input voltage 6V DC

The Secula E can be connected to E-Bike systems which provide a 6V DC feed. The input voltage can also be obtained by connecting the rear light to one of the B&M headlights that convert a higher input voltage and output the required 6V DC for the rear. Optically, the Secula E appears the same as its dynamo counterpart, but the circuit board is different and the usage may not be interchanged. 

B&M recommend that a specialist E-Bike retailer install the lights for you

Key Features

Can be connected to all DC power sources supplying 62V DC

Can be powered by connecting to the Cyo E

Can be mounted on the mudguard

Cannot be dynamo driven


Please note the following recommendations from Busch & Muller if you are planning to install your own E-Bike lighting system: 

Establish and/or measure the voltage on the cables or connecting point intended for the connection. Make sure this is within the parameters of the light specification

Establish and/or measure the polarity of the above mentioned connection and make sure to connect respectively to the correct pole using the instructions and/or the + / - signs on the light

If you are not able to establish either of the above, or are not sure then please refer to your local electric bike specialist to install the lights for you 

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