Supernova E3 Tail Light 2 FR Rack Fitting

Supernova E3 Tail Light 2 FR Rack Fitting


Powered from a Supanova Ebike or Dynamo front lamp. 

Supernova are renown for their commitment to innovation, design and functionality. The new E3 Tail Light 2 with cable exit below expands technical limits whilst embracing Supenovas' puristic design ideals

The electronics for the rear light are neatly integrated into the front light thus allowing for the extremely small design of the light. The CNC machined rear light is very elegant and weights in at only 12 grams. It is also 100% water proof which is a real bonus. Designed in Germany it is one of the brightest rear lights that is compliant with the exacting German road traffic act

It has an ultra bright beam with 250◦ radius has the affect of greatly enhancing your safety. The Twin Beam Technology creates extremely bright illumination both to the rear and the sides. The indicator beam allows the rider to control whether the light is on or off while sitting in the saddle. Two different beam angles are used by the three LEDs to optimally combine the light output to brightly illuminate the whole of the danger zone behind you. The twin core wiring is protected by shrink wrap for its whole length and ensures a safe, loss free power transfer along side top performance. The 6061 aluminium housing is anodized to make it corrosion resistant

Please note: You can use the Supernova E-Bike front lights in conjunction with this rear light. 

Key Features

Three tiny LEDs with excellent light emissions

Two side LEDs for lateral illumination

Robust CNC machined corrosive resistant 6061 aluminium anodized housing

Twin core wiring protected by shrink wrap

Salt water resistant housing

Extremely compact and light weight

Can be used in conduction with Supernova E-Bike front lights


5 minutes standlight (power supplied by the E3 front light)

5 mm custom made LEDs

Length x Width x Depth: 30 x 11 x 15 mm

12 gram weight

50 mm standard mounting

5 year warranty


Mounts directly onto a 50 mm standard rack

50mm Rack fitting:
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