Supernova M99 Pure

Supernova M99 Pure

  • Operating voltage: 6 V
  • A New Generation Of Headlights - Outshining Everything Else 

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    The future is now! After a long intensive development phase, utilising the latest LED technologies Supernova presents the revolutionary M99 headlight. The M99 won the prestigious Eurobike Award 2015. Based on scientific research conducted in conjunction with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology a new generation of headlights has been created that sets a completely new benchmark. The heart of these lights is an LED matrix that is adjusted precisely to work with a highly complex tessellated lens. This opens up new dimensions. The brightness of the low beam as well as the far reaching high beam will amaze you. Supernova is the first company in the world to offer low and high beam LED lights which meet the new European regulations for fast E-B`ikes. The development of the M99 project has been supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy of Germany

    Expected delivery date July 2016 Please note: You can use the Supernova E3 Rear Light 2 in conjunction with this E-Bike light. Details Here and Here

Key Features

  • The Matrix Mirror Technology 

    The carefully balanced combination of 99 separately calculated mirrors with the LED matrix was achieved in a highly complex development project. Only by using up to 9 automotive LEDs of the latest generation that can be regulated intelligently - in combination with multiple, complex computer calculated concave and convex catoptric facets of the mirror - was it possible to create this pioneering new product

    The M99 lighting system offers the widest illumination of all bicycle lights, reaching furthest while retaining the best possible homogeneity of the beam. The M99 surpasses the technical requirements of EU regulations by up to 80%! It offers the power of a Zenon car headlight in a much smaller housing. With up to 1600 lumens light emission and 360 Lux brightness in the focal point, the M99 literally outshines all other headlights in its class

    Adaptive Low Beam 

    When the intelligent electronics of the M99 are connected to the main controller on a modern E-Bike the flexibility of the LED matrix can be used to adapt the beam shape to the riding speed. This speed controlled adaptive beam follows the focal point of the rider and extends the illumination of the road ahead at higher speeds while simultaneously increasing the near field illumination for better peripheral vision

    Intelligent Energy Efficiency: Saves Up To 350% Energy 

    Flexible Eco Mode 

    The M99 headlight is designed for the highest energy efficiency and offers a wealth of intelligent energy saving modes that can be activated. By adapting the illumination to the riding situation, the Eco mode saves up to 50% energy in typical city traffic or in difficult terrain, without the rider having to do anything

    Daytime Running Light 350% Less Energy Consumption 

    The finely adjusted ambient light sensor activates the highly efficient daytime running light when it is bright enough and switches on the powerful low beam when it is needed. This saves up to 350% of energy while at the same time increasing the visibility of the rider in daytime

    Intelligent Brake Buffer (IBB) 

    The Intelligent Brake Buffer (IBB) software ensures that even in eco mode slowly ridden switchbacks or difficult sections are illuminated with full intensity of the low beam for up to ten seconds. At traffic lights or during longer breaks, the IBB software recognises the situation and switches to eco mode. As soon as the speed increases the light automatically gets brighter

    Daytime Running Light "Brighter Than Daylight" 

    The signature of the M99 daytime running light solves a special problem of E-Bikes: to drivers and other cyclist; the relaxed position and slow pedalling frequency of the eE-Bike rider are often interpreted as signs of a slowly moving cyclist which can create dangerous situations. The two distinct and glaringly bright arcs of the daytime running light are visible from afar and make it obvious that a fast vehicle is approaching. An ambient light sensor quickly switches on the main beam when entering a tunnel or when the sun sets. Fast E-Bikes are legally required to have lights switched on at all times from January 2016

    Ice Cold Calculation - High Tech Cooling Technology 

    The brightness of the M99 system breaks all records and could only be achieved with the sophisticated Supernova cooling of the high power automotive LED matrix. Supernova has applied ten years of knowledge and experience with LED lights into the development of these LEDs. The electronics and the housing have been optimised through careful selection of the right materials based on complex heat dissipation simulations to allow the LEDs to work with the best possible efficiency even at full power. The seamless once piece aluminium housing abstracts heat without interruption

    The form of the cooling fins has been computer calculated to take advantage of an increased chimey effect to dissipate the heat of the LEDs effectively. In extreme conditions and integrated heat sensor regulates the light automatically with the help of a patent pending algorithm that keeps it at an ideal temperature level

    Race Tested 

    Pictured above is the M99 with Supernova's own founder Marcus Walllmeyer at the 24H European Solo Championships in Finale Ligure, Italy. Whilst test stations in labs have formed a key part of developing the M99 there is nothing like human testing under techincally difficult conditions and the highest levels of concentration which high light how well the product is performing against expectations and create opportunities to improve the product even more. Equally its important to know how the M99 feels to ride on the daily commute, on bike travels around the world and every eventuality in between


  • Light 

  • Number of high precision LED: 3
  • Overall luminous flux (light output): 500 Lumen
  • Max luminous intensity at 10m: 160 Lux

  • Power 

  • Operating voltage: 6 V
  • Power consumption daytime running light: 4.5 W
  • Power consumption low beam: 8 W
  • Power consumption high beam: N/A

  • Information Processing 

  • Communications protocol: N/A
  • Speed controlled adaptive beam: N/A
  • Speed controlled adaptive Eco Mode: N/A
  • Automatic sensor activated daytime running light: Yes
  • Brake signal processing directly from brake lever: Yes

  • Mechanical Properties 

  • CNC machined and anodized aluminium: Yes
  • Tempered, anti reflex and shatterproof front glass: Yes
  • IP67 waterproof: Yes

    Summary Of Key Features 
  • Lumen: 500 lm
  • Wattage: 8 W
  • Daytime running light: 4.5 W
  • Input voltage: 6 V DC
  • Illuminant: 3 Automotive LEDs
  • L x H x D: 87 x 57.5 x 67.25 mm
  • Weight: 220 g
  • Colour: Polished Black
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