Busch&Muller Lumotec IQ OneFive 30 Lux

Busch&Muller Lumotec IQ OneFive 30 Lux


Busch & Muller have developed the Lumotec IQ OneFive especially for popular 1.5 W hub dynamos. It comes with a 30 Lux close range illumination. A daytime running light with sensor automatic and a stand light are increasing the road traffic safety. A "click-on" front reflector is included. With On/Off switch on the back.

For use with 1.5W hub dynamos ONLY

Key Features

Daytime running light with switch sensor

IQ-TEC gives over 30 lux

With near view illumination

Optional front reflector


Suitable for 1.5-Watt hub dynamo


Stainless steel mount

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