New Hub Gear on the Block.

Always good to have something new come how about a modular 100g 14 speed hub gear with hydraulic shifting..

Kindernay HYSEQ

The K’ay Hyseq is a new gear shifter, designed for efficient shifting and practical use in combination with the Kindernay XIV gear hub. It’s hydraulic, similar to that of your hydraulic brakes, with a bladder for thermal compensation, and oil nipples on both actuator and operator for bleeding. The system is light-weight, has a direct shift feel, and is robust and simple, with little need for maintenance. Mounting the shift actuator is simple, as the gear hub comes fully set up from the factory. Yup, no wire to adjust or readjust, just mount the pre-bled system, and go ride! For quick wheel removal, the actuator is easy to detach from the hub, and equally easy to mount. For longevity, the actuator is mounted on the inside of the frame axle mounts, well protected from potential impacts.

Summary of features:

  • Hydraulic shifter
  • Light-weight
  • Hydraulic push / direct shift feel with no “mush”
  • Simple and intuitive sequential shifting, just one lever per shift direction
  • Change a single speed at a time, or change several speeds in a single, longer stroke
  • Low need for maintenance
  • Allows shifting in all situations: under load, at full stop, during coasting
  • Easy to mount, just install and go ride! No shifter or gear adjustment needed
  • Easy, tool-free detachable shifter, for ease of wheel removal and re-mounting
  • Compatible with all Kindernay gear hubs
  • Protected actuator, for lesser risk of accidental damage
  • Switch right/left up/down shifting
  • Simple shifting, the pilot-unit has a right and left lever for shifting up and down. Other options are in the pipeline.

We like it....price..about £1200 for the early birders...

Rob Bushill