Three bags full (of torque)

The new BoschCX Powered urban Arrow gives quite a bit more torque than the standard's quite a kick up the pants...they say it offers strong and steady support even at high rotation speeds, thanks to continually optimal torque (75 newton meters), mind you the standard motor is no slouch with 63 newton meters on tap.

The CX powered Urban Arrow was launched last weekend At Eurobike...we had to promise to keep a cover over it til this week but it was worth the wait, for couriers is perhaps worth having, for a normal family perhaps not, there is quite a price premium (about £800) but if you want to make hills flat flat ..the new more torquey motors could be right up your street.

This one is in Bath for a food delivery service, we delivered it this week, it looks good, give em a wave when you see it.