Puncture Proof Numbering Now Goes to Seven.

Some Schwalbe news, in addition to fashionable price hikes schwalbe have added another Marathon tyre to their range...and another number, the number 7. 
Schwalbe have developed an innovative "double puncture protection” system consisting of two components, the so-called DualGuard. An additional layer of fabric within the carcass and a 2.5-mm-thick layer of rubber form a secure, finely adjusted anti-puncture combination. 
so the new marathon GT is born...above the level 5 'Marathon', below the new level 7 'Marathon Plus' (the tyre is the same they just needed another number instead of the GT having a level 5.5 protection)., the GT is a level 6 protection tyre...prepare to head scratch next time you buy your new Dutch bike tyres. 
is choice good?...discuss

Rob Bushill