Basil Dutch Front Carrier

Basil Dutch Front Carrier

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Large robust front carrier, mounting by suppports on front nutted axle (it will not work with a suspension fork) attached with two handlebar hooks which can be adjusted up and down, fits handlebar diamter 21-31,8 mm Ø), with universal lamp hook, max. 10 kilo, fits on 26''+28'' bikes.

for Dutch bikes.. not for suspension bikes, racy bikes with low bars or drops. canti brakes are tricky, fits quill stem old english or dutchbikes,  

a useful rack that turns with the steering....there are crates and baskets to fit, not for really heavy loads but very useful to be able to see your bits n bobs or handbag/laptop.

Dimension:  28x31x27 (LxWxH

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