Velo Orange Porteur Rack

Velo Orange Porteur Rack


This is the rack for drop handlebars and/or cantilever brakes. I deal for q/r axle style forks. 'legs' fit to fork eyelets or P clips |(not supplied). Lovely quality and very stylish. 

The platform is about 36cm x 29cm. A removable rail attachment is included and very handy for smaller packages. 

The tangs are pre-drilled to fit 700c, 27", 26", and 650b bikes. There are four bosses for a light attachment. There is a boss for securing your fender to the rack -- no rattling! Please also note the elegant pannier/tie-down loops above the mounting tangs. 

Mounting hardware is included. The Porteur Rack mounts to the dropout eyelet and the brake bolt (or fork crown hole).


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