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A little bit of boxbike news. Azor, the manufacturer of the Van Andel designed bakfiets.NL boxbike (stick with it!) have a couple of new models tickling the horizon. They seem to h...
  Just a quick post about Gazelle cabby brakes, i have done a lot of work on Gazelle cabbys, the brakes are fine for the Netherlands but if you have steep hills or tend o ris...

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We promote and make available bicycles that can do more for you.

Whether it's a bike for taking Kids to school, moving items around a factory site, taking your seed potatoes to the allotment or doing the weekly shop.

We can help you find the right bike for you.

If your existing bike needs improving or maintenance, we can help there too!    

Rob Bushill

It's not for everybody and every situation. But riding a bike is not an odd thing to do!.

Sometimes it's the most ecconomic, sensible way of moving locally.

It has a miriad of advantages and just one or two downsides.

With more modern designs it means that more is now possible by bike. 

Thats why we exist!, to show you new options and alternatives.!